We present Lamp Courage

The first autonomous lamp on the market. It learns your exact lighting habits so it can provide lighting at all times that best fits your needs, creating an ambience of maximum comfort throughout your home.

Your ally for absolute comfort

The more Lamp Courage’s artificial intelligence system learns, the greater the comfort is that you will experience. Every little detail and every tiny gesture is taken into account, amazing you by having the lighting you like best at all times.


The very best home lighting is on the way.

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The Cloud connected app assures that you have absolute control over all parameters.

It changes the direction of light orientation, adjusts lighting intensity, customising and selecting from among several smart routines.

It also reduces consumption through real-time synchronisation with the electric cost and your electricity tariff.


Autonomus Lamp

Learns the lighting habits of all people in your home via IA, adapting to each person’s needs. Lamp Courage knows and offers the best lighting for the entire family.

Bot Lamp

The lamp manages light via a robot screen that can be activated manually via the app or simply by putting it in autonomous mode, to provide the most suitable lighting at all times.

Integration of smart systems

Lamp Courage can receive voice orders because of its compatibility with smart home devices by Apple, Google and Amazon.


You can control the lamp with the app on your smartphone, whether you are inside the house or out. It also manages your notifications: alert if there is a power outage, need to change the bulb, etc.

Energy efficiency

Provides real-time information on energy costs according to your electricity tariff, also controlling the cost of other devices connected to the grid.

Programmed intelligence

Controls consumption, light intensity and orientation. It creates programmed smart light modes to provide the perfect light for any activity you are doing in your home.


You can control the lamp with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Lamp Courage also has proximity detection, so you don’t have to get your smartphone out of your pocket or bag.

Customisation available by request

All of our lamps are unique. The assembly and production process is manual, so each lamp can be customised to your exact tastes and needs.

How it works

When a request is made to Lamp Courage, it is recorded on the Cloud and keeps learning from the user generated data to create the best ambience in your home.

Friendly Connectivity

Lamp Courage is fully integrated with all home smart devices, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT technology, to interpret voice commands.

How to get my Lamp Courage
If you want to be one of the first to enjoy having a Lamp Courage in your home, let us know and we’ll keep you up to date.

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